M&T Ref Customer Customer Ref Supplier or End User Ref Commodity Inco Terms Origin / Supplier Destination / Consignee Project Method ETD: ETA: Airline / Vessel Pick Up Date Delivery Date Customer Notes
20-0498Pattyn20060-809200701 x 40'HCFCA Brugge to DAP Bensalem, PAPattyn BruggeNational ToweletteOcean (FCL)10/22/2020 Antwerp11/06/2020 New YorkYM Evolution10/15/2020Requested it be rolled 1 week
20-0462Pattyn20PR06 / 9200441 x 20'FCA Brugge to DAP Vineland, NJPattyn BruggeF&S ProduceOcean (FCL)10/08/2020 Antwerp10/21/2020 New YorkAtlantic Sail10/1/2020Waiting for arrival
Pattyn20PR319200861 x 40'HCFCA Brugge to DAP Mitchell, CAPattyn BruggeParmalatOcean (FCL)Waiting for decision
Metso Waukesha, Pattyn, xyzThis is a test