Freight Forwarding Projects

We deliver global freight solutions. Specializing in heavy, oversized cargoes with a promise of safety, punctuality, and transparency.

Delivering Cargo from Korea to Northern Michigan

This meticulously planned project originated from Korea, with heavy-duty tires and rings being barged from the supplier’s doorstep to Masan. The cargo was transloaded directly from the barge onto the vessel for its next destination – Houston. Overland transportation was ruled out due to the size and nature of the cargo. Thus, the goods were barged up the Mississippi River to Milwaukee. Here, additional pieces were added, and the combined cargo was dispatched for its final destination – northern Michigan.

Reliable and Urgent Delivery of Crusher from China to Utah

This time-critical project hinged on the robust and mighty Russian Antonov – the only aircraft in the world capable of handling the sheer weight of our load. Given the pressing deadlines set by the end customer, ocean transportation was a no-go. Despite this challenge, we were able to deliver successfully, meeting the client’s expectations.

Synchronized Delivery of 4 Crushers and 5 Mills to Russia

The crushers for this project were sourced from multiple suppliers in Europe, Australia, Africa, North America & South America. All the cargo needed to be delivered to the site in Russia within a specified timeframe to avoid severe penalties for late delivery. The machines were consolidated in Antwerp and St. Petersburg prior to delivery. Despite the winter shipping season’s closure and the challenges of transporting late-arriving cargo from St Petersburg in winter, we delivered on time and penalty-free.

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